Reach and Wash Vs Traditional Method – Mr Reach’s Opinion


For the historians amongst us…..

The demand for window cleaners dates back to the start of the industrial revolution, when air pollution and smog left a dirty film on windows. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of window cleaners servicing homes, and each will use a system that they trust to deliver the best finish. 

Traditional method 

Until the 1990’s, the squeegee (or blade) was the traditional window cleaning method – the soapy solution was applied to the window and the squeegee would clear it off. This was a great solution, but it comes with its limitations. The main issue is the time it takes – not only is it difficult to clear stubborn debris from a window with this method, but it is also very time-consuming and involves a lot of ladder work, which puts window cleaners at a higher risk of accidents. 

That said, the traditional method remains perfect for many situations still today at Mr Reach. All insides of windows are given the traditional treatment, and windows that can’t be reached with the water-fed pole. Upper floor properties of maisonettes or flats also require the traditional method too, to avoid wetting the windows of the properties below.

Reach and Wash method 

But in the main, we opt for the market-leading purified water ‘Reach and Wash’ system – hence the name ‘Mr Reach’.

What is a Reach and Wash system? 

The reach and wash system comprises of a long carbon fibre pole (up to 70ft) with a brush on the end. Purified, or de-ionised water is fed through a tube up the pole and out of the brush head onto the window.

As the brush agitates and removes even the most stubborn dirt off the window, the water flushes it away leaving a spotless finish. There are no streaks or watermarks, because the water doesn’t contain any minerals – it’s been de-ionised. At Mr Reach we use a special water meter to check the mineral content after being purified, and we will only use water with a 0% mineral content.  

The other benefits are that the frames and sills get a clean too, instead of just the glass, and it all takes a lot less time, making it more cost-effective for the homeowner, because a window cleaner can clean more windows in a day.  

Why Mr Reach trusts the ‘Reach and Wash System’ to deliver the best results for its valued customers: 

  1. Highest quality finish – no watermarks or streaks due to de-ionised water being used
  2. Entire window is clean – the brush can be used on every part of the window, not just the glass 
  3. Faster, and therefore more cost-effective – the quicker we can deliver a great finish, the more ground we can cover and the less the customer is required to pay
  4. Safer – our operatives can clean safely, from the ground. By reducing the amount of time operatives are using ladders, the likelihood of accidents is also reduced
  5. Deeper clean – The brush can remove stubborn dirt that may take a few cleans to remove when using the traditional method
  6. More reliable – with less time spent using ladders, we are able to clean windows in adverse weather conditions – rain causes ladders to slip and reduced visibility – two issues that don’t exist when using the reach and wash system 

Ask your Mr Reach operative to talk you through the Reach and Wash process – it’s interesting stuff. 

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