What is purified water window cleaning? 

The difference between traditional and water-fed pole systems is often debated, and one of the most important factors is the water used.  

The purified water Beechy Clean uses is de-ionised to the highest level possible, making it even purer than rain. We use a special total dissolved solids (TDS) or ‘impurities’ meter, which tells us how pure our water is.

Watch our video about how we check our water every morning. 

All Beechy Clean window cleaning operatives use purified water-fed reach and wash system, as well as the traditional method where required for the best finish. Our operatives are proud of the fact that they use only the purified water, and will not work if the water is reading anything higher than ‘zero’ on the total dissolved solids meter. 

The purified water is created using by feeding normal tap water into a reverse osmosis machine, which filters impurities out. The water is filtered through a special resin, which removes the impurities. The resins are regularly replaced to ensure only the purest water is produced. 

Isn’t purified water just rain water? 

We love educating people on window cleaning and the impact of rain – we have this conversation at least once a week with our customers. 

Dirty windows are caused by dust, polluted air and more unavoidable solid dirt such as bird droppings, or mud splashes. If the rain falls on a dirty window, it will mix with the elements on the window, leaving a mess behind. If rain falls on a newly cleaned window, it will not show any marks. 

That’s why rain doesn’t stop Beechy Clean from cleaning windows. The only time rain would ever stop Beechy Clean is if it was continuous after the last clean – as this would mean that the rain would clean the window, so we wouldn’t need to! 

We consider the only downsides of cleaning windows in the rain are 1) wet uniform and 2) slippery surfaces, but the latter doesn’t really affect us because we keep ladder work to a minimum.    

Ask your Beechy Clean operative to talk you through the water purification process or watch our video – it’s interesting stuff.

Traditional Window Cleaning Method

Until the 1990’s, the squeegee (or blade) was the traditional window cleaning method – a soapy solution would be applied to the window and the squeegee would clear it off. This was a great method, but it comes with its limitations. The main issue is the time it takes – not only is it difficult to clear stubborn debris from a window with this method, but it is also very time-consuming and involves a lot of ladder work, which puts window cleaners at a higher risk of accidents, and also takes a lot longer, costing the customer more.

Architects design aesthetically-pleasing houses, but that does not mean they are ‘easy to clean’ houses, so quite often there are windows situated in hard to reach places such as above a pitched roof that a traditional window cleaner just cannot reach. This is where a Reach and Wash systems can come into its own.    

We love the traditional method

Innovation over the last two decades has resulted in a strong preference for the Reach and Wash systems among quality window cleaners today. However, the traditional method remains perfect for many situations still today at Beechy Clean. All inside windows are given the traditional treatment and upper floor properties of maisonettes or flats also require the traditional method too to avoid wetting the windows of the properties below if they’re not being cleaned at the same time. 

Some customers have a preference for the traditional window cleaning method, which we understand. We give customers the chance to experience both, and nine out of 10 times, they’re converted to the benefits of the Reach and Wash system, which delivers a premium quality finish. 

How to tell if your current window cleaner isn’t using water that is purified enough to leave a good finish

Beechy Clean is able to offer a 100% clean or your money back guarantee as we proactively check our water every day to ensure it is in its purest form.

Sadly, many less professional window cleaners fail to purify their water enough, meaning they leave water marks once the water has dried. This is not acceptable, and it gives the reach and wash system a bad name, as people assume the finish is poor because of the pole and brush system, generally.

Marks left on windows can also be caused by the window cleaner rushing the brush around the window and not actually cleaning the entire window and frame before quickly rinsing it down, meaning dirty water is left on the window.

After your window cleaner has been and your windows are dry, your windows should not show any sign of water marks. If they do, ask them to come back and re-do them, using purer water. That is your consumer right to do so – read about your consumer rights here.

To speak to your local Beechy Clean window cleaning operative about your windows, or any issues you are having with an existing service contact us here.

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Always a pleasure to see the team, and I’m delighted with the level of cleanliness each and every time. A whole new level of service.

Julie Cross

A real breath of fresh air. Always reliable, great price, and very high standards. It’s nice to meet people who are passionate about making customers happy.

Jess Sheeran

The reach and wash system that Beechy Clean use was all new to me, but it’s clear to see it’s by far the superior solution for cleaning windows, leaving a perfect finish every time. I wasn’t aware that there was another option than the traditional way.

Sheila Dalton

Our previous window cleaner let us down and so we tried Beechy Clean. I have to say that the finish the team produced was certainly superior to that of our previous cleaner. The frames sparkle as much as the windows now and we would certainly recommend them.

Leonard Gooblar

I always know our windows will get a premium clean every time. Wonderful customer service and really nice people. It’s refreshing to see window cleaning being taken really seriously. 

Jack Stubbs

As soon as I learnt that Beechy Clean had over a decade of experience, I signed up. Ever since, I’ve been extremely happy. They always give me 24-hours notice, are respectful when on our property, and so polite.

Vicky Ball

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