It’s raining, it’s pouring, but Mr Reach isn’t snoring


A common question asked of window cleaners is ‘Why clean windows in the rain? Won’t it make them get dirty again? 

Rain water is considered the purest form of water, so it won’t make your windows dirty. The water we use is de-ionised to the highest level possible, making it even slightly purer than rain. We use a special total dissolved solids (TDS) or ‘impurities’ meter, which tells us how pure our water is.

Dirty windows are caused by dust, polluted air and more unavoidable solid dirt such as bird droppings, or mud splashes. If the rain falls on a dirty window, it will mix with the elements on the window, leaving a mess behind. If rain falls on a newly cleaned window, it will not show any marks. 

That’s why rain doesn’t stop Mr Reach from cleaning windows. The only time rain would ever stop Mr Reach is is if it was continuous after the last clean – as this would mean that the rain would clean the window, so we wouldn’t need to!

We consider the only negatives about cleaning windows in the rain are 1) wet uniform and 2) slippery surfaces.  

Ask your Mr Reach operative to talk you through the water purification process – it’s interesting stuff.