Your home is where our heart is – it’s a family affair


From our family home to yours…..

Mr Reach is a window cleaning company run by a Surrey-based family. At its core, is us – Rick and Lisa – a couple with big hearts, a lot of time for great people, and a strong sense of ambition and respect for others. 

Spurring us on from the sidelines (and often covering us in paint / cake mixture / or demanding bubbles be blown) are two brilliant children – Phoebe and Otto – who make every investment in our business easier and worthwhile. I also must mention our family dog Zephyr at this point too, otherwise we would have a very grumpy Cockapoo!

Mr Reach has been a decade in the making. We have 10 years experience of running a very successful window cleaning company that services the homes and businesses of thousands of happy customers in Surrey’s Carshalton Beeches and surrounding areas – Beechy Clean Windows. During this time we have embraced new innovations that guarantee a better finish, and have managed to fine-tune the holistic 360 degree service offering so that customers are proud to call us their window cleaning company. Too often we see window cleaning companies popping up with the primary focus being to make money – their lack of customer service and thoughtfulness is always their downfall. There’s so much more to being a professional window cleaner than people think.

Our team, our family 

We consider all Mr Reach partners to be an extension of our family. We carefully select the right people from our long-term friendship groups, or through recommendations. Mr Reach partners are brilliant people that we wholly trust to embrace our values and extend our high standards in the work they do. We love our team. 

Making life easier 

As a busy family, we know how hard it is to fit everything in, so we have done everything possible to make Mr Reach simple, non-intrusive to your home-life, and have enabled a range of communications channels to send you helpful reminders on when we are due to arrive, when payments are due, and other offers. We make it our mission to keep you updated, in the way that you choose.  

Our carefully designed customer on-boarding process enables us to understand what you need, when, and what special instructions there are for your home. Our partners all carry good quality dog treats to help nervous dogs get used to us being there, and are insured and fully-trained to identify people in distress or danger, through our work with local councils and age-welfare charities. We believe every business should be community-focused.  

Best finish ever 

Although our business branding and messaging is centred around the ‘Purified Reach and Wash system’, we don’t just use this system exclusively. We utilise the best window cleaning system (water-fed pole / traditional with ladders) for each individual property. We use the system that will deliver the best finish every time.

So, from our family to yours, we hope our modern and thoughtful approach to running Mr Reach exceeds all expectations of what a window cleaning service can deliver.

With love (and doggy licks),

Rick, Lisa, Phoebe, Otto and Zephyr