Kindness is a gift that everyone can give

‘Be kind and be brave!’ That is our family motto, and it extends right throughout our approach to work.

Community is at the heart of everything we do at Mr. Reach, and we believe a genuine interest in the community is what makes a successful window cleaning company. Every working day Mr. Reach operatives spend time on their customer’s properties, speaking to people about their lives, and it is through this trusted access we gain insight which enables us to spot people who need support, reassurance, a helping hand, or just some company.

People want a window cleaner they can look forward to seeing. A smile upon arrival is a must. Our window cleaning operatives will take the time to have a conversation which could make the difference to someone’s day. For some people, Mr. Reach is the only contact they will have with the outside world all week – that is why we endeavour to make every single touch point as positive as we can.

If you belong to a charity or support group and are looking for a community-centric window cleaning company get in touch here or contact [email protected]

Elderly support

All Mr. Reach operatives are trained to support households where people with Alzheimer’s or dementia live and will adapt their service offering to ensure their needs are met with the utmost level of respect and care.

Through our partnerships with Age UK, Age Concern, The Alzheimer’s Society and Friends of the Elderly we are an affiliated, accredited, and recommended service provider to their members. We specialise in being supportive and respectful of customers at all stages of their struggle with dementia and Alzheimer’s.


People living with disabilities

A trusted helping hand is so important to people living with disabilities. Our customers living with disabilities vary from those who are partially sighted or blind, to those who can’t hear the doorbell, so need to know exactly when we are due to arrive. We also support customers living with immobility which may mean they can’t answer the door or need help.

Our empathic approach to all customers means we go out of our way to make people feel important and respected.

Cancer patients 

Having founded Mr. Reach in Carshalton Beeches in the South East of England, we are on the doorstep of the UK’s leading cancer treatment and research centre ‘The Royal Marsden’. We have experience of providing a special service for people undertaking cancer treatment – often they would ask that we put special measures in place due to suppressed immunity, or the fact they have daily trips to the hospital for treatment. Whatever we can do to help, we will.

Parent-teacher Associations (PTA) 

To do our bit in helping schools local to our customers’ homes, we pay £1 for each and every clean that is introduced to Mr. Reach through parents of the school or through the PTA. We actively sponsor stalls at local schools’ fetes and events, so please do contact us if we can support.

We stand by our core values, to bring you the best window cleaning experience.

  • Customer-centric

    Whatever our customer needs, we will do our very best to help.

  • Respect

    We earn and show respect - earning our customers’ respect is important to us. We will always be respectful of our customer’s requests and their properties.

  • Best in class

    We strive to be the best window cleaning service in the UK today, and will continue to innovate to ensure we are.

See what other people say about us

I always know our windows will get a premium clean every time. Wonderful customer service and really nice people. It’s refreshing to see window cleaning being taken really seriously. 

Jack Stubbs

The reach and wash system that Mr Reach use was all new to me, but it’s clear to see it’s by far the superior solution for cleaning windows, leaving a perfect finish every time. I wasn’t aware that there was another option than the traditional way.

Sheila Dalton

Our previous window cleaner let us down and so we tried Sam from Mr Reach and we have to say that the finish he produced was certainly superior to that of our previous cleaner. The frames sparkle as much as the windows now and we would certainly recommend them.

Leonard Gooblar

Always a pleasure to see the team, and I’m delighted with the level of cleanliness each and every time. A whole new level of service.

Julie Cross

A real breath of fresh air. Always reliable, great price, and very high standards. It’s nice to meet people who are passionate about making customers happy.

Jess Sheeran

As soon as I learnt that Mr Reach have over a decade of experience, I signed up. Ever since, I’ve been extremely happy. They always give me 24-hours notice, are respectful when on our property, and so polite.

Vicky Ball

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Reach Out™

Beechy Clean in the community

Beechy Clean works with local charities, councils and community groups to deliver a special Reach Out™ service for the elderly and people with disabilities. Our partners are trained to make people feel safe, communicate effectively, identify issues and potential safety hazards, as well as spotting signs that may mean the resident is in distress or trouble. This community-centric approach is at the heart of the Beechy Clean ethos. Read more about out Reach Out™ service. 

Beechy Clean delivers a home cleaning service and our cleaners are all caring and respectful to deliver the best service in every situation. We have experience of cleaning the homes of people with dementia, and have references from family members, upon request.

We’re proud to support

Age UK Support
We love our communities