If you can reach them yourself, why use a professional window cleaner?

One question we are often asked is why people employ a window cleaner to clean the inside of their windows. Exterior windows are hard to reach, and often dirtier, making it sensible to use a professional window cleaner, but inside windows are more accessible, and not so dirty, so why do people use a professional still?

Around 10% of our customers choose to have their windows cleaned on the inside at least once a year. They give a range of reasons for choosing to do so, including:

  • Large-scale windows such as bi-fold doors or patio doors are tricky to clean without the professional equipment, so a professional window cleaner can guarantee a good finish.
  • Lack of access – Some people have skylight or internal lantern windows that they are unable to reach to clean, so they need the ladders and equipment to ensure they are completed effectively, and more importantly – safely!
  • Inadequate finish – everyone has different standards, and not everyone can clean windows to their own standard, so they get a professional to do it for them.

What’s involved with internal window cleaning?

Unlike external windows, internal windows require the traditional method, to ensure no residue or water is left behind.

The traditional window cleaning method uses a specialist solution mixed with warm water, which is applied to the glass with a dolly, before being removed with a squeegee, which is sometimes known as a blade.

The traditional method is perfect for interior windows as it cleans the entire pane of glass quickly and the results are instant.  


Mr. Reach van

How can you prepare your home for our arrival?

Before we arrive to clean your windows, we request the following:

  • All items to be removed from window sills and curtains, blinds or shutters to be opened in preparation as this saves time, and avoids anything accidental damage
  • That an adult is present if animals and young children are around. We use a bucket of water, so this is to avoid any accidents and keep everyone safe

If you are having your exterior windows cleaned, on the same day, we will do these first using the purified water-fed pole system, leaving time for them to dry before we complete the inside windows. This way, once the windows are clean on one side, it’s easier to ensure a perfect finished when completing the interior windows.


We stand by our core values, to bring you the best window cleaning experience.

  • Customer-centric

    Whatever our customer needs, we will do our very best to help.

  • Respect

    We earn and show respect - earning our customers’ respect is important to us. We will always be respectful of our customer’s requests and their properties.

  • Best in class

    We strive to be the best window cleaning service in the UK today, and will continue to innovate to ensure we are.

See what other people say about us

Always a pleasure to see the team, and I’m delighted with the level of cleanliness each and every time. A whole new level of service.

Julie Cross

As soon as I learnt that Mr Reach have over a decade of experience, I signed up. Ever since, I’ve been extremely happy. They always give me 24-hours notice, are respectful when on our property, and so polite.

Vicky Ball

A real breath of fresh air. Always reliable, great price, and very high standards. It’s nice to meet people who are passionate about making customers happy.

Jess Sheeran

I always know our windows will get a premium clean every time. Wonderful customer service and really nice people. It’s refreshing to see window cleaning being taken really seriously. 

Jack Stubbs

The reach and wash system that Mr Reach use was all new to me, but it’s clear to see it’s by far the superior solution for cleaning windows, leaving a perfect finish every time. I wasn’t aware that there was another option than the traditional way.

Sheila Dalton

Our previous window cleaner let us down and so we tried Sam from Mr Reach and we have to say that the finish he produced was certainly superior to that of our previous cleaner. The frames sparkle as much as the windows now and we would certainly recommend them.

Leonard Gooblar

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